Drive Belt Service

Drive Belt Service Savings in Andalusia, AL

Having a high-performing, reliable car gives you peace of mind and offers convenience. When parts and systems start to falter, you can find yourself feeling frustrated and stressed. Your safety may even be in jeopardy if you try to drive your vehicle. A worn-out drive belt decreases your car’s power, making it difficult, if not impossible, to operate effectively. The belt brings power from the alternator, air conditioner, and other systems to the crankshaft. If the belt breaks or comes to the end of its life, your vehicle will suffer.

Drive belt service is essential, and a good place to take care of this need is at Walt Massey Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM. Our team of dedicated professional technicians has the skill and experience to diagnose the issue and get you back into your vehicle. You don’t want to put off addressing and fixing problems with the drive belt. Our drive belt service center in Andalusia, AL, is the right place to come because our team has the knowledge and training to handle even the most complicated challenges.

Schedule an appointment today at our center. We can offer auto service coupons to help alleviate concerns you may have over pricing.

When Do You Need a Drive Belt Service?

The drive belt will run into problems at some point, just like any other car part. As time passes, it may crack or warp due to the heat of the engine and normal wear and tear. It could break or come off if you don’t service it properly or often enough. Drivers in Andalusia, AL, should bring their vehicles to Walt Massey Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM every 60,000 miles for drive belt maintenance. Some belts might last up to 100,000 miles. It’s best to be safe and not put off service this long.

Of course, you shouldn’t wait this long to service the drive belt if you detect any problems with it. You don’t need to be an expert to know when the belt may be having problems. Keep an eye and ear out for certain clues that tell you a professional should inspect or replace it. You may hear strange noises coming from under the hood, whining or screeching. The belt may also be fraying, cracking, or splitting. It’s also possible that the engine could start to overheat if the belt is failing. As you are driving, the car may have less power, and the air conditioner may also not be functioning efficiently.

You may first be tempted to dismiss these concerns, but you should never procrastinate taking care of belt service with us at Walt Massey Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.

Schedule a Drive Belt Service at Walt Massey Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

Affordable drive belt service in Andalusia, AL, is just a call away. Contact Walt Massey Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM today and make an appointment if you are worried about your vehicle’s drive belt. Visit our team so you can avoid more serious, costly issues in the future.

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